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Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Under the radar, and un-noticed by many climate scientists, there was a recent study by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), commissioned by the US Government, regarding climate change. Here is the remit under which they were supposed to operate:

Specifically, our charge was

1. To identify the principal premises on which our current understanding of the question [of the climate effects of CO2] is based,

2. To assess quantitatively the adequacy and uncertainty of our knowledge of these factors and processes, and

3. To summarize in concise and objective terms our best present understanding of the carbon dioxide/climate issue for the benefit of policymakers.

Now, that all sounds quite reasonable. In fact, if we knew the answers to those questions, we’d be a long ways ahead of where we are now.

Figure 1. The new Cray supercomputer called “Gaea”, which was recently installed at…

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Matiin lampu itu kayak matiin perasaan. Udah dimatiin, tapi tetep aja bisa hidup lagi.

AriefMuhammad (@poconggg)

Garing Banget nih dialog

Dua orang supir telibat percakapan disebuah warung:

Toro: Heh Jak, sekarang susah ya, jadi sopir truk!
Jaka: Lha, emangnya kenopo?
Toro: Ya.. kalau bawa truk isi motor, dirampok.. Bawa truk isi permen aja dirampok lho! Mana kerjaan saya bawa truk isinya motor!! Gimana ya, saya jadi takut. Mau berhenti nyopir truk gituan ah!
Jaka: Lho, emang ntar kamu mau nyopir apaan?
Toro: Mau nyopir mobil tinja..